Straight Sinus

Straight Sinus
Brain Veins

The straight sinus, also known as tentorial sinus or the sinus rectus, is an area within the skull beneath the brain that receives venous blood. The straight sinus receives blood from the superior cerebellar veins and inferior sagittal sinus and drains into the confluence of sinuses.



The straight sinus is situated within the dura mater, where the falx cerebri meets the midline of tentorium cerebelli. In cross-section it is triangular, contains a few transverse bands across its interior, and increases in size as it proceeds backward.



It forms from the confluence of the inferior sagittal sinus and great cerebral vein.

The straight sinus is an unpaired area beneath the brain which allows blood to drain from the inferior center of the head outwards posteriorly. It receives blood from the inferior sagittal sinus, great cerebral vein, posterior cerebral veins, superior cerebellar veins and veins from the falx cerebri.

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